Steve Pohlit
Offering expert Business Consulting and Coaching services with our "laser beam" focus on achieving business goals that are consistent with your personal goals. For example, you may want to spend less time in the business with the confidence key tasks are being completed as planned. You may be interested in positioning the company for a change in ownership. Some companies want to capitalize on market opportunities and grow rapidly. We take the time to understand you goals beyond business profits then structure our work to achieve all key goals.

Partial List of Special Services

Executive Coaching
Revenue Building Programs Including: Direct Response Marketing, Online Marketing, Building Brand Awareness.
Business Plans for Financing, Re-Financing and Your Internal Management System
Interim Staffing Including Temporary CEO, CFO, Controller
Mergers and Acquisitions: Position and Close the Saloe of Your Company, Find and Close Synergistic Acquisitions, Integrate Acquired Companies.
Systems Evaluation and Selection Criteria For Replacements If Needed
Optimazation of Assets Including: Employees, Inventory, Accounts Receivable
Internal Controls Evaluation and More.

Our Resources and Skills:

We have the resources to assist very large as well as small businesses. There is never any compromise on the quality of service. Each business receives the closest professional attention from highly rated business and financial experts. The only difference is the logistics of how we do our work. Generally, our work is done on site for companies exceeding $10 million in revenue. When we working with smaller businesses including entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, we work a greater percentage of our time off site.

Return on Investment:

There are two components of project economics: First and foremost there is return on investment. Our primary objective is to make each project a profit center for our clients and specifically for cash profits in the first 12 months to increase by 3-5 times fees paid. Second the degree of success is directly proportional to the level of client commitment to the project. The greater the commitment the faster the results. Fast means lower fees always.

Flexibility of Pricing Professional Services:

Since we our focus is bringing you the expertise and not a lot of overhead, we have flexibility in how projects are priced. Like every other ?for profit? business we meet our number one obligation which paying our experts weekly. We do have flexibility and will consider equity positions to offset a portion of professional fees.
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